A Wedding

We have been very excited (especially the girls) and this weekend finally came! Caitie and Payton went to their first Wedding Celebration!

On Saturday, our good friends Angela and Doug got married. We went to a beautiful Country Club in Northern Illinois. It felt so good to be back up there. Even though we haven’t lived there in five years, we still remembered our way around. Due to the constant threat of a rain storm, the Ceremony was moved indoors. But, we still got to enjoy this beautiful golf course with Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres served outside. The sun did peek out. It was a perfect day!

Angela and Doug's Wedding

Caite and Payton had lots of fun outside on the patio, on the green, and at the bridge. There was so much to explore! They were so excited to be there!

Angela and Doug's Wedding

Angela and Doug's Wedding

It was a very touching Wedding Ceremony. The sun shining and filling up the room was perfect. They are such a beautiful couple! We are so happy for them!

Angela and Doug's Wedding

Dinner was wonderful! The girls were treated so special with their very own plates of fruit, chicken, and fries. Their Favorite Foods and every bit of it was gone! Chris and I enjoyed salads, grilled chicken and steaks with potatoes and green beans. It was a delicious menu. The cake was so moist and I loved the white and chocolate creams in between all the layers.

The girls LOVED spending time with the Bride throughout the day. She was their Disney Princess! Angela looked so beautiful…just glowing with happiness!

Angela and Doug's Wedding

They had this AMAZING and DELICIOUS Candy Station for everyone to enjoy! SO GORGEOUS! I loved looking at all the ribbons, tags, and the colors of their wedding. Caitie and Payton really loved using the pretty scoops. The decor of their entire wedding was just beautiful.

Angela and Doug's Wedding

How pretty is this Place Card!? I thought the glittered butterfly punch was so cute! You can tell it was a little roughed up. Payton proudly carried it around until we sat down for dinner.

Angela and Doug's Wedding

These were the party favors for all the wedding guests.  SO Adorable! These mini jelly jars were decorated with ribbons, butterflies, scalloped circle punches, and roses. Angela’s Mom made them (she did a great job!) and they were left empty at each place setting. We were able to fill and re-fill  ; )  them throughout the evening with the yummy candy at their Candy Bar.

Angela and Doug's Wedding

It was so sweet and thoughtful…so considerate of Angela and Doug to think of all their little party guests. All the kids received special party favors…finger puppets! I LOVE THIS! Caitie and Payton ran to Angela and gave her hugs and kisses. They couldn’t wait to thank her for giving them such fun presents!

Angela and Doug's Wedding

I loved dancing with my girls at the wedding. They spent the rest of the evening dancing with the Bride. It was so sweet to see Angela dancing with all the kids. They had so much fun together!

Angela and Doug's Wedding

We had a blast at the wedding with the girls. We are so proud of them…they did a great job taking in all the beauty, excitement, and joy of this day!

Congrats Again to Angela and Doug!


One Comment on “A Wedding”

  1. Diana says:

    Those are great pictures from the wedding. You really captured the spirit of the day. Angela looks great and your girls are so cute! I can’t believe how much they look like you. And your scrapbooking pages and envelopes look awesome! I love all the detail. Can’t wait to see more!

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