Getting Her Through The Heartache

Baby Annie 2

Over the weekend, Baby Annie took her last fall and her neck broke. Payton…totally devastated!

Baby Annie was a gift from Santa in the Christmas of 2008. Before we told Santa what baby doll Payton wanted for Christmas, I took a 2-year-old little Payton to every store and tested her with every doll. She fell in love with this $20.00 interactive doll from Walmart! So, Santa united her with this doll on Christmas Day! She named her Baby Annie.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Then, before her 3rd Birthday, Annie broke. Payton was devastated! I sent her Uncle Adam an email…and he saved the day on her Birthday! She was reunited with Baby Annie 2.

But, NOW…well you see the current state of Annie 2 and the emergency situation we have on our hands. And, my heart breaks for her and Annie.

I truly understand this heartache. I had a baby doll, too.

So, on Monday, we dropped off Caitie at Kindergarten and I took Payton to our local Walmart SuperCenter. We found a new Annie! What Luck! I was so relieved. Payton held the new box with a smile, but I felt it was strange…so I told her “You know what we have to do next and you just take the time you need.” She cried and I teared up, too. I told her “It’s okay to be sad about Annie 2. I just want to give you the chance that I didn’t get. I want to give you a new Annie so that you can keep making memories with her. I know how much you love her.” I did buy Annie 3, because Payton told me that she didn’t want to leave the store without her. So, we went to pick-up Caitie at school. Payton took her double stroller (a gift from Grammy and Papa), put New Annie 3 in the back seat and flopped over, neck broken, propped up Annie 2 wrapped in a white baby blanket up in the front seat. It was a bittersweet sight for me. I have grown so attached to this doll, too. She really is the most wonderful interactive Baby Doll I have ever seen.

This morning was great! Payton dressed Annie 3 in the clothes that were bought for Annie 2. BTW, Annie is very special…we buy her the preemie sized clothes from BabiesRUs. These clothes are more durable and better sized to this particular doll.

To help Payton and keep her moving forward in this process, I made her this quick and simple Scrapbook frame to add to her ScrapWall. I wanted to celebrate Baby Annie and their love. This is Payton’s FAVORITE PHOTO of herself with Baby Annie 2. After showing her several options, she chose this pink on pink patterned paper and these chipboard stickers. She chose where to place it on her wall…

I added the trinkets and the “girl” and “doll” labels. The bottle, rattle, and pacifier (Payton calls the pacifier a “baa-baa”) from Baby Annie 2 (all items that came with her in the box).

I thought the letter stickers were perfectly called “heart” from the AC Love Collection.

And, Here They Are! Together and tucked into bed tonight. All is right in Her World and I am Happy to see this smile again…and this sight. Until next time, May Your Happiness Continue! XOXO

Supplies I used to make the “Baby Annie” Scrapbook Frame:

IKEA Ribba Frame

Neighborhood Collection “Chores” Patterned Paper and Chipboard Elements by Crate Paper

Emma’s Shoppe Collection Alpha Labels “girl” and “doll” by Crate Paper

Heart Puffy Letter Thickers Stickers by American Crafts

Scissors, pencil, ruler, Mod Podge, foam brush, and Mini and Memory Book Glue Dots

One Comment on “Getting Her Through The Heartache”

  1. aunt emmy says:

    oh, poor payton!! i’ll admit it – i cried. she must have been just devastated. SO glad you were able to find a new annie, and that payton is okay with it. tell her aunt emmy sends hugs to her and to annie! ❤

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