My Envelope Book is Complete!

I just can’t believe how amazing and fun it was to go from getting my Class Kit in the mail…

…to going through all the class lessons with Elizabeth Kartchner and creating this!

This Book is just loaded with pretty envelopes, journaling cards, and pictures. I decided to take Envelope 4 and added this pretty journaling card. This first wallet sized photo is a pic of Maddie and I at the hospital when she was born. I got to spend hours visiting with my sister and brother-in-law and meeting my brand new niece! I absolutely adore her and I’m so proud of my baby sis and her husband! They are wonderful parents.

This second wallet sized photo is a pic of Maddie and I at her Baptism. I have been given the honor of being her Godmother! I chose this journaling card not just because it’s so pretty but also because of its double meaning for me. The “G” for Girls, Godmother, and Godchild/God-Daughter. The “2” for the 2 of Us! It’s perfect! Sorry…I’ll keep the journaling private…something special written just for Maddie from me. (Of course, her parents can read it!)

I wanted to share the adorable journaling card I put into Envelope 9. I thought it would be perfect considering that this envelope is meant to be about Maddie’s Home. My sister can fill-in the card (dates & info: when they moved into the house, when they painted and prepared the nursery for her) and add pictures of their house and her nursery, the swatch cards of the paints they used in her room, and info about the furniture and decor (including the receipts…I thought it would be neat for her to look back and see how much this stuff cost when she was a baby). The back of this journaling card has a checklist!

SO Pretty! SO Fun! I can’t wait to give this to Maddie! AND, I can’t wait to make more of these books for my own daughters and for my niece and nephews!

I really enjoyed this class! My first scrapbooking class ever! This website gave me the opportunity to take a class with One of My Favorite Scrapbookers In The Whole Wide World, Elizabeth Kartchner. It was very affordable and most importantly it was SO convenient to just do it at home whenever I had the time. Thanks to EVERYONE at her website (and for creating this website). I learned so much!

A BIG THANKS to my husband, Chris! What A Wonderful Mother’s Day Gift!

Envelope Book Class at


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