Nature Unframed

We went to The Morton Arboretum today! The weather was absolutely perfect with clear blue skies and temps in the mid-70s.

This is the new exhibition at the Arboretum. In Nature Unframed, artists from all over the world were asked to find a place here that inspires them and create.

I wish I knew how to crochet. How pretty is this!? Crocheters created hundreds of colorful “Lichen” (fungus) patches that hugged the trees like a sweater. These patches are to “remind us of other interdependent, nurturing relationships in our lives and the multiple ties that bind us together.” Carol Hummel, a crocheter from Ohio who participated in this art at the Arboretum, said “Just as lichen depend on other organisms for survival, we depend on trees for survival.” So beautiful and what amazing talent! Definitely Scrapbooking Inspiration! Of course, I loved every color…every detail! Even more, I loved that the girls were in awe and just as excited as I was.

The fun part was that the Arboretum created a scavenger hunt for everyone to search the grounds for these “Lichen” patches. The girls were so excited!

They found them high and low in the trees and under the benches. They have great eyes…especially Payton!

Speaking of Payton…

(Isn’t she so cute in the pic below!? We were sitting and looking at the hundreds of tadpoles in the Children’s Garden pond.)

I want to share a funny and embarrassing story from the tram ride today. While taking the tram ride on the east side route (I never tire of hearing the Arboretum’s History), Payton brushed her foot up against the door rail. HER SHOE FLEW OFF! OMG! I had to stand up and tell yell ask our guide to please stop the tram. As I ran back to get her shoe, all I could say was…Sorry…I’m So Sorry…Sorry Again! OMG! I picked up the shoe and as I ran back to my seat (UP FRONT AND CENTER) on the tram, all I could say was…Sorry…I’m So Sorry…I’m So Embarrassed…Sorry Again! OMG! I was so happy that everyone was so sweet about it and amazed that I found the shoe so quickly. Afterwards, we thanked our guide again for stopping and gave him a hug. Hmmmm, I wonder how many people have experienced stuff like this, too. (the multiple ties that bind us together) HA!

We continued on our fun-filled day at the Arboretum.

Well, I definitely can laugh about it now and so did Chris when we told him. And, you know what? This wasn’t as embarrassing as the time Payton dropped her pacifier in the Monkey House of the Brookfield Zoo.

We had a really fun day!      Hope you are enjoying your summer days, too!


I hope you are inspired to create…whether you scrapbook or not.


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