Felt Cupcakes

I wanted to share the cupcakes I made. Don’t they look real!? They are made of felt! I finished my Felt Cupcake Class with Elizabeth Kartchner at her site www.makesomethingsplendid.com. I love the way they turned out! I finally took my photos…it is so hard to get these away from the girls. They LOVE playing “Tea Party” with these cupcakes! Even their dolls and stuffed animals enjoy them.

The girls were SO excited for me to take this class! It was so fun! I learned so much…lots of great techniques that I’ll apply to my scrapbook LO’s! Don’t they look YUMMY!? AND, SO PRETTY!?

We love them all! Caitie’s favorite cupcake is the strawberry and Payton’s favorite is the cherry.

Thanks to Maggie Holmes! This was such an amazing Giveaway prize to win on her blog!


4 Comments on “Felt Cupcakes”

  1. breathingpowderedgold says:

    This is so adorable! Great idea!

  2. HeatherOz says:

    Aren’t they so much fun. Yours turned out so cute! I’ve already made a dozen. LOL

  3. The cupcakes are just adorable! I can see why the girls don’t want to give them up. Great idea. ~Sophia

  4. Oh my these are lovely!

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