I’m Linked on the Zig Blog!

I’m So Excited! My “This Girl” Layout was included in the top links of the week over at the Zig Blog:


In case you don’t know who or what Zig is, (for me) it’s a dual sided pen/marker by Kuretake Zig Memory System that I use in my journaling (my “Letter Day” LO), for my outlining (my “This Girl” and “Butterflies” LO’s), and I even use it to correct my faded or missing ink from my printer (my “Summer” LO…I bet you couldn’t even tell that I had to use it…teehee). Hey, sometimes it happens. These colored pens/markers are lightfast, waterproof, fade proof, acid free, non-bleeding, photo safe, archival quality, and odorless. I have been using these pens since day one of my scrapbooking.

My favorite is the Pure Black Writer. I have to stock up on them again, because my girls sneak into the drawer to use them too. They even found my stash of primary colors and metallics…that’s okay I guess I can share. Ha! Plus, they usually ask so nicely first if they can use my special markers and they create some beautiful artwork and cards with them. I usually get mine at Archiver’s. You can also get them at other craft stores in your area or online. The photo below is from www.scrapbook.com which is one of many online scrap stores.

I also LOVE the Zig 2-Way Glue Pen. It’s acid free and xylene free. The glue is blue when wet but turns clear when dry. You can use it for glitter, embossing, masking, and flocking. I really love using it when I have small pieces to attach to my LO’s (the two feathers on my “Fall Favorite” LO). I do not share this with my girls…they can use their gluesticks. The photo below is from www.scrapbook.com. You can get these glue pens online or at any of your local area scrap stores. I get mine from my local Archiver’s, Joann’s, and Michael’s stores.

Thanks to Everyone at the Zig Blog! I really appreciate it…I’m truly honored.


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