The 2011 Chicago Marathon

It was a beautiful day in Chicago for the Marathon. Just gorgeous! But, then again, I didn’t run in the sun and heat. This guy did…

My husband, Chris, ran in this years’ Marathon. It was his second year to run. He trained for months. He did a great job…I AM SO PROUD OF HIM! We staked out a spot at the corner of Roosevelt and Columbus so we could see the runners as they came around the home stretch. We had a great view of the Willis Tower (the former Sears Tower).

Here He is! We were SO happy to see Him!

Go Daddy Go! Chris finishes the race.

I LOVE the sign that his brother Jeff, creator of Burning Building Comix, made for him and everyone signed. We love the 34 beginning on his racing number. How perfect! More perfect…our little sweetheart holding the sign who was named after #34. Come on all you football fans…you know who that is! Ha! I love it!

We are so happy that our family members were able to make it out there to love, support, and cheer Chris on. Chris’ Mom and Dad and twin brothers, Adam and Jeff.

THANKS SO MUCH! And, we appreciate all the well-wishers, too! WE LOVE YOU ALL!

Before the girls and I headed back to the car, we stopped outside the Chicago Art Museum for some fun and photos. Chicago is so beautiful…I was thrilled to have this time with the girls there. We had time for a Smash Shot. Ooops…Mommy messed up…let’s try that again…

A little better. LOL!

Mommy is extra happy…I didn’t get lost Downtown this time! HAHAHA!

What a wonderful day! I’m so proud of Chris. He did fantastic! And, even though this was his last Chicago Marathon, I’m thrilled that he’ll be participating in the Chicago Half-Marathon next September!

One Comment on “The 2011 Chicago Marathon”

  1. aunt emmy says:

    GREAT photos – that top one of chris is a keeper!! handsome devil! 🙂 and renee – you look especially skinny in these pictures! have you been training, too??

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