Photo Challenge

Since I forgot to do the First Dear Lizzy Photo Challenge, I thought that I would write a post-it note to myself to remind me this time. And, Hey, I didn’t forget this time! I went ahead and combined the self-timer shot from the first challenge with this challenge. My baby sister and adorable little niece even joined in on the fun today during their visit with us. Caitie had off from school today! And, Chris took the day off from work! Yay! I set my camera for a 10 sec self-timer pic, waited for the clock to hit 11:11 am, set the timer, and ran to the couch where everyone waited. How clever am I!? LOL!

This photo was taken on 11-11-11 at 11:11:11 am…

Thanks, Dear Lizzy! THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN!


8 Comments on “Photo Challenge”

  1. wendysomol says:

    Super sweet that you all could be together! Cute picture!

  2. katharina says:

    sooo sweet! Capturing life’s moments! (;

  3. aunt emmy says:

    what a great shot! perfect smiles all around! 🙂

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