Happy Mail

I received my Pretty Little Studio Design Team package today from my mailcarrier! I was totally stalking her. It is SO jam packed with goodies! No Way! I cannot believe how much is in here! A wonderful assortment of items. THANKS, MELISSA! I know what I’m gonna be doing this weekend. ; )

I get to create with Clowning Around and Hopscotch

Garland Flags: Bunting and Pennant Flags, Cookie Cutter Labels, Cutout Tags, Paper Ribbons…

Word Flashcards…

Vintage Flashcards, 1″ Vintage Tags, and 1″ Burst Number Tags…

Calendar Cards and Tags, 2 ” Vintage Tags, Tags and Labels, and 2″ Number Tags…

Cutout Sheets and Vintage Illustrations…

Journaling Cards…

Oh My! There is no way I’m sharing this stuff with my girls…sorry. Look, but no touchy. Fine, you can touch..but no opening. LOL! I am really excited…can’t wait to get started! I’m excited for the release of the NEW Monsieur and the Sand Castle Collections. I’m not a very patient person anymore, but let’s be patient and wait together…we can do it…it’ll come soon enough. haha.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!

Hope you get a chance to create something amazing!

For endless inspiration, you can visit the Pretty Little Studio Blog.


3 Comments on “Happy Mail”

  1. aunt emmy says:

    wow! that IS a lot of stuff! have a great time, renee!!

  2. yvonnek11 says:

    How cool!! Happy Creating!! 🙂

  3. loispsummers says:

    Loved looking at the new stuff.

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