I got happy mail this evening. UPS dropped off a package for me from NORTHRIDGE PUBLISHING

My “HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY DAY” Birthday Card was published in the March 2012 Issue of CARDS Magazine…page 138!  I would like to thank Paige Evans, CARDS, and Everyone at NORTHRIDGE PUBLISHING AGAIN for this wonderful and amazing honor! Thank you for the magazines, the scrapbooking goodies, and the safe return of my card. This is my first time published in CARDS Magazine! I still cannot believe it.


Last year, I told my husband that I wanted to try and make a card. And, I wanted to make a birthday card for my older sister, Violet (her birthday was coming up). I never made my own card before. I just bought the Hello Sunshine Collection by American Crafts from Archiver’s. The colors and design was perfect for my sister. I was SO excited…I had a birthday card idea. So, I made the card and then I HAD A VERY SELFISH MOMENT…

I fell in love with this adorable little card that I just made. I put it on top of my desk. I just left it there so I could always look at it. My husband saw it on top of my desk and said, “You’re keeping it. I thought you made it for Violet.” But, I love it.

I saw the submission call for birthday cards at NORTHRIDGE PUBLISHING and submitted my card. The next thing I know, I get an email from Paige Evans (NO WAY!) telling me that they would like to publish it. The rest is history.

Don’t worry, I ran out to Hallmark, bought my sister a card, and sent it to her. HAHAHA! I know. I’m a terrible sister. Happy Birthday, Violet! LOL! I know you love me!

WOW! Did I just admit this story to all of you!? Yes, I did. Would I do it all over again? Keep and hoard something that I made for someone else…

Oh, yeah! I would totally do this again. HAHAHA! Goodnight, Everybody!


2 Comments on “A {HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY DAY} Indeed”

  1. yvonnek11 says:

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Renee! That’s wonderful news! So proud of you! XOXO

  2. emmy says:

    wow – congrats!!! and the card IS darling. i’m sure violet would have loved it! haha!

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