One Little Word 2013


Happy New Year! Hope you all have had a great start to your 2013! The holidays and school winter break was nice and relaxing for us, but we did spend most of it recovering. We all got sick one by one. Anyway, I wanted to pop-in and share with you something that I haven’t done before…my One Little Word for this new year. After years of being a stay-at-home mama to two wonderful girls (still am a proud SAH mama), I wanted something for myself. Something that was just for me.

In 2011, my word was COURAGE. It’s amazing how one little word can change your life. With the help of my little sister, my MIL, and this one little word, I put myself out there. So hard to do. Sharing yourself publicly in any way, shape, or form is incredibly hard to do. Especially, for me. With COURAGE, I started sharing my projects on various scrapbooking galleries and then started this blog. I put myself out there and started applying for Design Teams. Crazy. Me. Yeah. But, why not? Rejection is tough. Sure. I don’t like hearing the word “No.” I also dislike the words “I can’t” and “Impossible.” Until, I was given an opportunity…a publication. And then, becoming a Cycling Team Member for Little Yellow Bicycle. It was unbelievable and incredible all at the same time. Last year, my word was PURSUE. My dream of being on a Design Team came true. Not only did I make the Pretty Little Studio DT, but I also made the Pebbles Inc DT and made a return visit to Little Yellow Bicycle! Three Design Teams in one year. Amazing. I can’t forget to mention…more publishings! So…

My word for 2013 is WILL.

I WILL be less worrisome. Everything happens for a reason.

I WILL start letting go of my trust issues (baby steps with this one) and trust God’s plan for me in this new year.

I WILL take better care of my health. Scheduling doctors appointments for my routine exams. No procrastinating or forgetting. No excuses.

I WILL eat more fruits and vegetables. Who am I kidding? I love food. I WILL not go on a diet. Instead, I WILL be more mindful of portion size. I know…I can’t stop laughing with this one either. Moving on…

I WILL get more exercise. Whether it’s on the treadmill, playing with the girls, or walking outside…I WILL move more.

I WILL return to Healthcare. I miss it. A lot. A job in the scrapbooking world!? A dream that I feel already came true when I made the Design Teams. I WILL enjoy scrapbooking as my hobby and stay realistic. I WILL keep applying to more and more Design Teams and just keep having fun with it all!

I WILL take a photography class. This one is long overdue. HA!

I have been very blessed. I’m still counting my blessings! I’m so very grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way. Grateful…more so than anyone will ever really know. Thankful to You for stopping by my blog. Thanks for reading! I’m excited to see what 2013 will bring! It WILL be another amazing year. I just know it. Who needs New Year’s Resolutions? Not me, because I can never keep those. Instead, I choose One Little Word and make goals for myself. So, what word will you choose for yourself in 2013? Where will your One Little Word take you? Give it a try if you haven’t done this before. You will be amazed how powerful One Little Word can be.

Have a great day!


4 Comments on “One Little Word 2013”

  1. Beth says:

    Oh I love your one little word for the year and congratulations on your past achievements! I wish you all the best for 2013!! My one little word is Believe!

  2. yvonnek11 says:

    Well said Renee!! It’s def tough to put yourself out there but you’ve done it in such a way that we’re all proud, and you should be proud too! You WILL be amazing this year!! Many more wonderful things to come.. just BELIEVE!!! XOXO

  3. Laurel says:

    Amazing story you have shared and great job putting yourself out there! I love reading what you’ve gone through and where you are going. I have dreams like that too and it’s so wonderful to see them slowly come true (day by day). It’s so amzing how much you can share and connect with others in this forum. I know you WILL do it this year!

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