My Thankful Journal Pages

I finished my Thankful Journal! I am so blessed to have my family and friends, for all the opportunities I have been given the past year, and for the love and support everyone has given and will continue to give me. Thankful for YOU for visiting my blog…so appreciated!

Hope you enjoy what I have included in my journal pages:

I had a great time making this journal. A reminder that no matter what happens around us…these are the things that matter most and what makes life awesome.

Thankful Journal Class by Elizabeth Kartchner at

My Thankful Journal Cover

Last night, I finished the cover for my Thankful Journal. I am just loving this class and this kit. With all the negativity and the tough times that we are all facing right now, I wanted to remind myself of how lucky and blessed I am. Things I want to include in my journal: my family and friends, our good health, our home, Caitie’s School, my alone time with Payton, an amazing opportunity I have been given with Little Yellow Bicycle, etc. You can still join me at I’m taking the self-paced “Thankful Journal” Class with Elizabeth Kartchner. Just remember, we have lots to be thankful for especially when times are tough…chin-up and smile! The sun is shining…hey, don’t look outside…I said the sun is shining!

Have a Beautiful Day!